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164.“毕业生就业率”怎么说 graduate employment rate

  165.社会保障体系怎么说?social security system

  172.标 题: Re: 基因工程 纳米技术如何翻译?基因工程genetic engineering 纳米技术nanotechnology

  174.Re: 作文中有好些词组不会写,还有一些语法问题如何改正呢?社会稳定social stability 经济条件financial circumstances;economic conditions 商业环境business climate

  180.Re: help 贫富分化polarization between the rich and the poor 

  189.以偏概全take a part for the whole;generalize(about sth) from isolated incidents

  202.Re:什么起很大作用,除了 play a great role in ,还有什么常用表达 其他词组就想起几个:be effective; play a part in… fulfil a function 呵呵 我还想起一个“不起作用”cut no ice

  205.Re: 求教:“国民素质”"发挥才华“怎么翻译? ”国民素质“national quality ”发挥才华“bring one's talent into play; release one's gifts; give one's play to one's talent

  210.Research is also the chief means by which we seek after the truth, 发现新的物?,探索新的领域,从而使人类能更好地发挥自身的能力,创造更多的财富,促进社会、人的进步怎么 翻译 阿 ? To seek truth, make new discoveries, explore new areas, thus to tap man's greater potential to procure more wealth, and finally speed the mutual progress of the entire humanity, the major means is still the scientific research.

  211.Re: 请问才华横溢怎么说 brim with talent; overflow with talent; be full of wit; have superb talent. 常用表达:才华横溢的人man of brilliant intellect; person of exuberant talent 他是个才华横溢的学者。He is a scholar of superb talent.

  222.Re: 请教翻译“获得奥运会主办权”怎么说啊 win the bid for the Olympic Games

  224.Re: 问一下:“埋没人才”该怎么翻译? fail to do justice to talented people; stifle/suppress real talents 常用表达:His talent for painting was neglected. 

  225.Re: 请教一个说法,谢谢! “离某人做什么还有很长一段距离”,中的距离如果做“时间”的意思讲: (1)There are…left before sb … (2) sth is/are still …away. 如果做“水平,能力要求”的意思讲:…be far from the requirement

  226.Re: 怎么翻译“有所得必有所失” (1)One can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. (2)When there is gain,there is loss. 顺便说一下,有失则有得:You have to make a sacrifice to get what you want.

  227.Re: 请教“消费能力”怎么翻译Consumption Power

  234.Re: 请问“纵向/横向对比”怎么翻译纵向对比longitudinal/lengthwise comparison 横向对比parallel comparison 237.Re: 科学无国界怎么说呀Science knows no boundaries.

  240.Re: 请教富人和穷人有娜几种表达方式?富人rich person;wealthy person;man of means 穷人poor person;the poor/needy;pauper;have-nots 富人和穷人the rich and the poor;the haves and the have-nots

  250.Re: 请问心理辅导课,价值观,自杀率,家庭暴力怎么说?应该是“心理学辅导课”吧:)psychology tutorial 价值观values自杀率Suicide Rate(s) 家庭暴力family/domestic violence 252.Re: ==技术工人怎么翻译呀?== skilled workers technical personnel/staff(技术人员) 纯体力劳动的工人physical/manul labourer/worker

  253.Re: 集中请教几种说法 (拥有某方面的美好愿望?)参考表达:conceive/cherish/embrace a desire to… (面对来自……的严重挑战)参考表达:be confronted/faced a challange…;face /meet change a challenge…; rise to a chllange… 顺便说一句,在…愿望,…挑战,既然有详细的内容说明了,我觉得就不要加形容词修饰了,觉得有些中式英语:) 

  254. Re: 请问关于股市涨跌之类的该怎么说?普通涨跌就用rise,fall就行了:) The stock jumped 100 .股市暴涨100点。Stock market tumbled.股市猛跌。

  256.Re: 请教“优质服务”怎么翻 啊 quality service;first-rate service e.g. render first-rate service提供优质服务 Quality Service Month优质服务月

  257.Re: 冷门的专业怎么说?谢谢!less popular discipline/major/subject

  258.Re: 耗费了大量人力物力怎么翻译,谢谢了 consume (massive,enormous) manpower and material resources

  259.Re: only开头的句子,都得倒装吧?当only+状语,位于句首表示强调时用倒装,如不在句首或虽然在句首但不修饰状语时用正常语序。

  260.Re: 请问“家庭和睦”怎么说family harmony

  265.Re: 需要时间验证/考验怎么说?need time to bear?need/entail the test of time 266.Re: 集体活动怎么说?集体活动collective activities

  276.中国经济的落后性:China's backward economy  

  277.落后:V.fall/lag/be behind N.underdeveloped;backwardbehind the times 278.社会混乱:social chaos/unrest

  281. relevant relative有什么区别啊? relative作为形容词是的基本用法有: 1)比较的: the relative costs of building in stone and in brick石块建筑与砖块建筑的比较造价 They are living in relative comfort.他们生活得比较舒适。 2)相对(性)的:All human values are relative.人类的一切价值标准都是相对的。 3)有关的,相关的:relative proof 相关证据 4)(级别等)相当的,对应的:relative ranks (不同军种的)相应军衔 relevant作为形容词: 1)有关的,切题的,确当的,适宜的: the relevant authorities有关当局 His remakrs are not relavant to our discussion.他的话不切合我们的话题 2)相关联的,相称的:make one's life relevant to the needs of the country使得个人生活与国家需要挂钩起来 3)有重大关系的,有意义的,目的明确的: public relative role举足轻重的社会作用

  282.思想陈旧have out-of-date/outdated/stale/old-fashioned ideas; have an antiquated mind

  284.不适合时代的要求或潮流cannot keep abreast of the times